Intern Gives Himself Promotion After Two Drinks

Dupont Circle – After knocking back a couple of old-fashioneds, 22-year old intern Alex Basser gave strangers an account of his new job. However, he neglected to mention that his actual job title ends with “intern”, effectively giving himself a promotion to the real-job version of his internship.

Basser announced the promotion shortly after 9:00 PM east coast time on Thursday, unbeknownst to human resource managers at Optimum Investments who continue to refer to the recent George Mason University graduate as “the intern”.

“I’m a market analyst at Optimum Investments,” said the visibly buzzed intern to bar companions, making no reference to the unpaid and short-term nature of his employment. Reports indicate that Basser essentially told people he has his boss’s job.

Basser braced himself when his friends, who are aware of his frantic search for another internship, showed up at the bar. He hoped his friends would not discuss work, forgetting he is in D.C.


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