Dad Upset After Son Leaves Toys In Navy Yard Overnight

Navy Yard – A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed today an area dad was not happy to discover that a basketball, a bicycle and, for some reason, a hockey stick were left in Navy Yard overnight.

The toys were left in Navy Yard following a play date hosted by the dad’s son. The play date lasted until well after dark.

The area dad reportedly discovered the toys early Tuesday morning when leaving to go to work. “I spend a lot of my weekend making sure Navy Yard looks nice. I don’t have a problem with my son playing in it, but I do expect him to clean up after himself when he’s done,” said the dad to reporters.

Tensions strained further when the dad discovered the Navy Garage light was left on all night. “I swear I am the only one who shuts off the lights in Navy House,” the dad said.

Sources close to the situation report the dad’s family was surprised to see dad return through Navy Foyer and enter Navy Kitchen after leaving for work. “Who left their things in Navy Yard and left Navy Garage light on all night?” asked dad, knowing full well who the culprit was. “Was it you, son? What have I told you about cleaning up?”

A source speaking anonymously said she’s been married to the area dad for twenty five years and knows he can sometimes blow up over small things like this, but it’s only to teach their son to look after his things.

At press time, the dad had returned home from work but was opening an investigation to identify who left a half-filled soda can in Navy Living Room.